Websites should not only look great, but perform great, giving the user the features they need. People need websites to be ‘user-friendly’ and ‘accessible’ on many devices, as the majority of people access websites this way. With my work I continue to strive for high standards and innovation in using the best tools available in technology. I pride myself in using the most current web technologies, with an emphasis on mobile platforms. I put priority into the mobile platforms when working on websites, keeping current on the latest technologies. I’m always striving for the highest standards and pushing the boundaries of innovation. I have over 15 years of experience in Graphic Design, Web Design & Web Development. For the last few years, I’ve been an Independent Consultant on various website projects for small to large companies.



Berenson Cancer Center

Wine World Tours

J Med Supply


Blind Children’s Center

Dr. Gloria Gonzalez

Design Options

Lacinas Day Spa

JT Fashion

Dr C Optometry


P. M. & Associatates

LA School of Gymnastics

Legacy Interior Design

Brenda’s Flowers

Tropical Island Papas & Dogs

Madison Design Group

Roiles Gear

Pacific Microchip Inc.

JF Enterprises Taxes

Simple HH

Loretta’s Plant Service

Common Trouble

Reel Exposed

Ember FX

Azar Lawrence

Secret Africa

Johnny’s On The Spot

Tanners Coffee House


KB Home


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Equator.com | Century21

MySpace Music | Transmissions

MySpace Music | Secret Shows

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MySpace | Ban Deodorant

MySpace | Vera Wang Princess

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