The Graphic Design Process …

For the client, it’s important to allow each image and artwork to fit into the overall message of the design or website. Strategic design planning makes the difference.

For me, as a Designer and a Consultant, it’s important to work closely with my clients to achieve their maximum vision and goals. The process of achieving this vision depends on this close relationship and understanding of a ‘branding’ solution.

Elegant, Modern and Customizeable

Included here is my work from my various clients and professional assignments. These range from final stage of the wireframes, to the finished mockups.

Examples of client work:

Emma's Interior Deisign Beth's Integrated Medicine Common Trouble SS T-Shirts LA Healing Arts Center OSTM AGI Brendas Flowers Courses By J & B Courses by J & BIt Used To Be Cool Loretta's Plant Service Julies Plants Secret Africa Picasso Cruises Designer Outlets Ripped Body Fitness Travel to Istanbul All Continents Travel
Reel Exposed JOTS Roiles Gear MySpace Transmissions West Coast Guards